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Masoud’s interest in art started as a child growing up in a family of artists, including his uncles. He started drawing at the age of five and drew everything in sight.


Masoud’s ability to draw was so advanced by the age of 11 that his teacher accused him of cheating when he drew a head of a horse from a modeling book. She then slapped him for it. Soon after, she realized she was mistaken and in tears, she hugged Masoud and apologized.  This was a turning point for Masoud and confirmation that he had talent to draw and a gift for art. From then on, his teacher became one of his greatest supporters.


Masoud Habibyan specialized in Art in high school where he pursued drawing and Anatomy. He used to draw over 30 drawings every day for more than 4 years and ended up top in his class.


Masoud graduated with a Bachelor of Design and worked as an animation project manager for a couple of years. He has dedicated his whole life to art. He also enjoys music and plays Accordion in the Araz Music Ensemble.


Throughout the years Masoud has been inspired by old masters such as Ilya Repin, Sargent and the French Impressionists. He has studied with Jeremy Lipking and Robert Johnson but over the last few years master artist, Dan Gerhartz has been his greatest influence. Dan has also been a personal mentor to Masoud and under his direction Masoud’s work grew and developed and his own individual style emerged.


He paints his figures in natural settings that evoke a sense of timeless idealism. He also excels as a commission portrait artist who is able to capture the likeness of his subjects perfectly.




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